Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Captain Dave?
    • Captain Dave is an engineer that lives and works in the Milwaukee area. In the summertime, he sails a Chrysler 22 sailboat on Lake Michigan. He also has a Laser sailboat and races on a J130. Between the wind, sun, and water involved in sailing, Dave's beard was getting dry and uncomfortable from the long days on the water. Being the bearded engineer that he is, he sought out to solve the problem. Based on his research in beard care, he decided to make a two in one beard care product that he could take with him anywhere (especially out on the boat). Thus, Captain Dave's Beard Balm was born! 
  • My other Beard Balm has “2 oz” noted on the tin. Why is this one only 1.5 oz?
    • The tins that are typically used for Beard Balm are capable of holding 2 fluid ounces. Beard Balm is a solid and therefore is measured using weight and not volume. Either the other Beard Balm uses much denser ingredients or they did not take into account the difference in units.
  • What does it smell like?
    • Captain Dave's Beard Balm has notes of mint and eucalyptus. It is a subtle scent so it doesn't distract you throughout the day.
    • Captain Dave's Mustache Wax has notes of Cedarwood and Spearmint.
  • How do I use it?
    • After a warm shower, pat your beard dry with your towel. Next, scrape a small amount using the back of your thumbnail out of the tin. Rub the Beard Balm between your hands until it melts then rub it into your beard. Try to rub it deep into your whole beard and into the skin. Lastly, take a beard brush (a comb or your hands will work but a boar hair brush is recommended) and style your beard. Brushing against the grain to help spread the Balm through your beard and then brush it with the grain for a cleaner look provides the best results.
    • Captain Dave's Mustache wax is much firmer. Use your thumb nail or the corner of the tin lid to scrape up a small amount of wax. Rub it between the finger tips of both hands until fully melted and then rub it into your mustache. Use your fingers and a brush or comb to style.
  • How much do I use?
    • This depends on how big your beard is. Typically an amount the size of a dime will be plenty for Beard Balm. For Mustache Wax, an amount the size of your pinky fingernail should do the trick.
  • When should I use it?
    • It is best used in the morning after a warm shower. However, anytime your beard feels dry or scratchy, it can be used. Just remember, all things in moderation.
  • Why do I need it?
    • Beard Balm is by no means a need. However, if you suffer from beard dandruff, ingrown beard hairs, shedding, or itchiness, Beard Balm may help alleviate those issues.
  • I've been using my Beard Brush for a while now and there are a lot of whiskers in it. How do I clean it out easiest?
    • With the bristles facing upward, run a comb with large prongs through the bristles at a 45 degree angle (prongs angled downward). Do this a few times and it should reduce the amount of whiskers in the brush.
  • Where can I buy it?
    • Click here to see our shop! It can also be found locally at The Waxwing or various maker markets.
  • Will this help fix my spotty beard?
    • Not necessarily, but it should help it stay fresh, clean, and healthy! A healthy beard is a growing beard.
  • Is there anything else I can do to have the best beard possible?
    • I highly suggest getting a boar hair beard brush as well as beard shampoo. Try Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo. (Note: This is purely a personal recommendation. We have no affiliation with Professor Fuzzworthy.)
  • Shipping?
    • Each tin ships in a padded envelope via USPS First-Class mail. Once shipped, it should arrive within 1-3 days on average. If multiple tins are ordered, alternate packaging may apply. We do not ship to PO boxes. 


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