Beard Contest at Warrens Cranberry Festival in September!

Warrens Cranberry Festival is an event that I grew up visiting at the end of September every year. 

This is the 46th year of the festival and they are bringing back the Beard Contest!

As far as I can remember, they haven't had a Beard Contest in many years at Cranfest. I'm really looking forward to it coming back!

Here is a picture from the Cranfest Beard Contest many moons ago! I hope people dress in suits and hats this year too!

Most people have at least heard of Cranfest by driving past signs on the highway in that part of the state. If you aren't aware of it, Cranfest is a three day event held on the last full weekend in September every year. Warrens is normally a town of 360 people but on this weekend, this tiny town explodes to host hundreds of vendors and over 120,000 visitors! There are many cranberry themed food items, tons of crafts to buy, and a lot of fun events. You can even tour a local cranberry marsh! 

If you would like to take part in this contest, follow this link!

Hope to see you there! 

-Captain Dave