Quick Tip #3

Do you feel like you're doing everything that you can to keep the fliers from making your beard look messy? Even after trimming? Brushing could be the answer!

"But Captain Dave, I already use one of your awesome brushes! Clearly it's something different!"

Well there may be some techniques to brushing that can help alleviate this issue that you aren't trying yet! Here's my brushing process!

  1. Once my beard is dry after showering, I apply some Beard Balm by rubbing it into my entire beard and mustache.
  2. Use the brush to help massage the balm into your skin and whiskers. This can mean brushing in all directions if necessary and your beard may look messy afterwards.
  3. Brush in the direction that you wish to style it.
  4. Hold the brush so that the tips of the bristles hover above your styled beard. Slowly move the brush in the direction that you wish to style it while maintaining the space between it and your styled beard.

This technique is meant to target the hairs that are specifically sticking out in random directions. Continually brushing the entire beard will likely only create more fliers. Once it seems like most of the fliers are tamed, you are done! You can touch it up throughout the day if you please but it shouldn't be too necessary. If you're still having trouble getting your beard under control, maybe it's time for a better trim!

Quick Tips are typically very short posts. They are suggestions for beard care, shaving, grooming, and life in general. Check back frequently for more!

David Draeger