Quick Tip #2

What's your shower routine like? Are you cleaning your beard properly? Maybe you use the same shampoo and conditioner as your head or just rinse it under the water and call it good. 

If you're putting balm or oil in your beard every day, it is important to clean it off too. Letting it build up without properly cleaning it can result in a greasy unkempt look. Eventually, it will clog pores and be counterproductive to your skin and beard health. It's also important to be able to clean away food and dirt that naturally accumulates. The shampoo and conditioner for your normal hair and your bar soap or body wash have different ingredients for different purposes. Your beard does not behave the same ways as your other hair or your skin.

I use and recommend Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo. It's shampoo in block form and has a masculine, woody, yet subtle scent. It's about $13 on Amazon and lasts for a few months if you keep it out of the way of the shower water. Pick up one of these soap dishes to help keep it dry when not in use as well (this is the one I use and it sticks really well when most other suction cups or adhesives have failed).

Quick Tips are typically very short posts. They are suggestions for beard care, shaving, grooming, and life in general. Check back frequently for more!

David Draeger