Groom for Men - The Captain's Review

The other day, I went to Groom for Men's Third Ward location in Milwaukee, WI for a haircut and a beard trim. I'd like to walk you through my experience with this barber shop.

Getting there:
With a quick Google map search, it was immediately evident that it would be easy to get to as it is just a block and a half down from the Milwaukee Public Market. The only concern was parking in that busy area. Luckily, Groom's website shows a free parking lot specifically for Groom customers! The parking lot was small but there were a couple spots open. They also have a location in Shorewood but the Third Ward is easier for me.

First Impressions:
As I walk in the door I notice a busy atmosphere with a lot of stylists and customers. The decor has a lot of dark wood, white brick, and iron fixtures for a warm, stylishly rustic feeling. I walk to the reception desk to check in. She directs me to a bar area stocked with beer, soda, wine, and water for me to help myself to a drink while I wait. I helped myself to a glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey and have a seat. After a short wait of whiskey shipping and people watching, Kia meets me at the front to introduce herself as my stylist. 

The Haircut:
She started out with the haircut. But first, the wash and scalp massage which was much more relaxing than most other salons that I've been to. I hadn't gotten a cut in about 7 weeks so she had plenty of material to work with! She asked what I wanted and I basically told her that I'd like to keep it longer on the top and shorter on the sides. She asked a couple clarifying questions and got down to business. A short while later, she was done and the results were just as I had hoped. Kia then put a little bit of product in my hair to finish. As far as hair stylists go, she is less talkative than most. I like this about her because she seems to show a higher level of focus than some other stylists that I've been to and it allows me to relax instead of think of things to talk about. 

The Beard Trim:
Kia paused to allow me to take a sip of my whiskey before whiskers started to get everywhere; a very considerate action as nobody wants whiskers in their whiskey. As I sipped, she asked what I would like done for my beard. I asked her to keep it styled and trim it a little bit to help get it back in control. She shortened and shaped it up precisely to my specifications and I was done before I knew it.

The haircut was $35 and the beard trim was $15; so $50 plus tip was a little steep for my taste. But the complimentary drink, great atmosphere, professional service, and great result justified the price for me.

Overall, it was a great experience. I will definitely be going back and I'd certainly recommend it to any friend looking for a beard trim or a high quality barber shop. 


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Disclaimer: This blog post was written based on the author's experience and in no way was influenced by or requested by Groom for Men.